Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

 Scorpio: Scorpio and rising Scorpio, you may receive important news in your career life this week. You'll have to handle the situations well here. From time to time, your inadequacies may be active, and you may overestimate some of the issues you hear from your close circle. Mercury is retrograde in your communicative affairs and in your immediate surroundings, making you extremely uneasy. Your usual smooth-flowing relationships and insecurities in the issues you need to be organized will be active, but this week you will know how to leave these insecurities behind. The person or partner in your private life can give you very important tips on a subject. You can clearly see that the conversations you have with him make you feel comfortable. The positive aspect of Venus with Mars shows that you will establish a balance in your male-female relations in your home, family and home areas, and good developments in your private life will also reflect positively on your mood. On Thursday,